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Helen asks…

I need help in figuring out a good degree program that is Eco friendly.?

I know what kind of career I want but I don’t know where to find it, what to major in, etc. I know I want to at least have my masters if not go even further with my education. I would love a career that will positively impact the world, environment, people, animals, etc. I was think something in sustainable energy design or urban planning. Really anything in that general area would be helpful, then maybe I can figure it out from there. Oh, also I nice salary would be nice 🙂

Thank you!

admin answers:

Consider James Madison University’s degree in Integrated Science & Technology.

Sharon asks…

Are there any good jobs in the “Energy” field?

I’m starting to study “Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Energy Management”

I’ve already done a year in Environmental Science but left it early. So I will be using those units as credit for my new degree as electives.

But considering the degree is majored in ‘energy‘ will I be able to get jobs as, say, an Environmental Scientist… Or in research? .. I’m just not quite sure if this degree will limit me only to Energy or not.

Because I will have a lot of environmental and biology electives!

What are your thoughts?

admin answers:

What is Sustainable Energy Management? Last year a did three wind farms. Today I started on a scada project for a hydro. If I don’t know what your major is, no one else will.

There are a lot of environmental jobs in the industry. Every power plant has EPA reports to file for particulates, tons of CO2. I built a substation and had to file an environmental impact statement. I had to hire a bug hunter to make sure no rare bugs were there. And a second guy to fill out the paperwork.

Solar cell manufactures have a major problem with hazardous waste. Tons of paperwork that has to be correctly filed.

Most of these jobs require a background in science, and being able to handle the paperwork.

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