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James asks…

What is the difference between oil and fuel (ethanol)?

I’m writing a research paper on how Brazil is resourcefully using sugar cane to create biofueled ethanol. My question is: Is ethanol the same thing as like gasoline and oil? Because I’m supposed to write on the problems associated with it. And I’m not sure if mentioning the United States’ over dependency on gas would make sense when suggesting that we come up with more efficient ways to produce energy

So what’s the difference?

admin answers:

There are many different ways these may be compared and contrasted.

You referred specifically to the US dependency on gasoline. This dependency is important because gasoline is refined from crude oil. Crude oil is both a finite mineral produced from ground supplies and it is a mostly foreign resource. Because it is a limited resource demand that is larger than the available supply will likely continue until the supply is exhausted. Because it is a foreign resource the resulting in-balance creats huge US trade deficits.

Ethanol is a renewable product but is more efficiently produced from plants with a higher sugar content like sugarcane. Sugarcane is more easily produced outside of the continental US.

There are many other issues but you seemed to be focusing on these.

Betty asks…

What are some positive aspects of solar energy?

I need to know some postive aspects of solar energy for my Alternative energy project plz help i looked around on the internet for some couldnt find any plz help 😉 Best Answer Gets 10

admin answers:

I was in Zambia this summer, and I noticed that many of the people were using solar power. I thought it was interesting.

Well, from what I know…

Solar power is renewable
Solar power is capable of being stored
Solar power can be accessed just about anywhere with sunlight
Solar power is pretty cheap in comparison to other fuels

There is a large tower, if I am not mistaken, in Australia that is covered in glass. Scientists are hoping that the power recieved from the sun onto this tower might be able to power a couple cities. Some other countries are trying it out as well.
I think this is the main website:
This page also has more information on solar power:

I personly find solar power interesting due to its cheap price and efficincy. There is one drawback; solar power does not work at night unless it gets stored and used from storage. In Zambia, we had a blackout service due to there not being enough power (which explains why they did not use it much during the day: they saved it for night).

Hoped this helped! God be with you on your project!

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