Your Questions About Renewable Energy For Kids

Daniel asks…

How does my turning off household lights save the planet?

I know it saves electricity and money, but how does it save the planet?

How is energy use hurting the planet? Is there really proof that the little extra heat is doing that much?

I know there’s wasted energy… But is it really that hard to get more? And if it is, where can I find more info on it?

Is it because of how electricity is harnessed?

Also relevant, when they say you save money to feed kids in Africa or what have you, is there anything leading environmentalists to believe that people would use their saved money for a good cause?

admin answers:

The most common forms of electricity generation used today burn lots of fossil fuels, which contributes to global warming and adds pollution to the atmosphere, causing things like acid rain and smog, which worsens (and may even cause, indirectly) conditions such as chronic bronchitis and asthma.

From a purely human-centered perspective also, the more fossil fuel-generated energy we waste, the sooner we run out of fossil fuels. In the end, it may not matter, if we are able to transition to renewable forms of energy in time, but there is a long, long way to go before the US and other developed countries will be able to meet its energy needs from renewable sources, and if we don’t make the transition in time the consequences could be very bad.


William asks…

If saving the planet is so important WHY ?

I mean let`s be honest, all these planet saving things should be free and done in double quick time
not cost a fortune We are ( so to speak) all in the same sinking ship yes??.
Government taxes – green premium prices – come on who is kidding who here?

admin answers:

Saving the planet doesn’t usually cost much. In the long run, as I’m sure you’re already aware, being environmentally conscious and practicing sustainability is more of an INVESTMENT than any thing else.

As I’ve said in earlier answers to environmental questions, societies should be going backwards rather than forwards. Instead of using pesticides (and paying for them), use bugs that are natural predators to those bugs (lady bugs, for instance, are good for your yard). Instead of spending millions and often billions of dollars to chop off the tops of mountains to mine coal, causing rapid water-run off that’s poisonous and contaminates our drinking water, we should find other resources, like our own damn arms and legs!

Joking, but seriously enough, let’s learn from history and use the sustainable practices of the peoples before us. The thing is: our “natural resources” are running out!!! Even our blue gold (water) is highly contaminated (I detracted H Paloi from my tap water, a disease that causes you to throw up everything you drink/eat. They’ve only found the cure a couple years back. More than 40% of people get it…some without even knowing it). Check out the book, Blue Gold, so see what I’m talking about.

PV (Photo Voltaics–solar panels) and wind energy are great investments in energy BECAUSE IT’S RENEWABLE!! Unlike coal, we will never (at least for a very long time) run out of the sun or the wind).

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