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Nancy asks…

how does matter and energy cycle through ecosystems?

okayy so i’m so confused because i have to do a summer assignment and write about how matter and energy cycle through ecosystems and i have noo clue what i’m doing and am so confused!!! lol

but yeah so coould anybody give me either really good sites, or maybe you know about this topic? because i’ve looked at the other answers to this question when someone else asked it and i didnt understand the answer at all! any answers would be appriceated!! thanks!

admin answers:

Since we have addressed most of the harmful pollution issues we are left with the byproducts of the energy-matter cycle. Our Environmental issues have been boiled down to their most basic elements, there is too much Carbon in the air, it needs to be in the ground, and there is too much Nitrogen in the water, it should be in the air. It really is that simple.
Excessive Carbon in the air is the byproduct of burning fuels that once were plants & animals. We are releasing it into the air at alarming rates that are measurable globally and has the potential to drastically change our world.
Excessive Nitrogen in the water is from poor agricultural practices & artificially fixed Nitrogen that, when washed into open waterways, promote the excessive growth of algae. This alters the food chain of local environments worldwide.
The best way to fix this is first to understand the what & why, this is where assignments like yours are so important. Taken this opportunity to teach people about the problems, their causes & cures.
One interesting factoid I came across during the recent 100 year anniversary of chemical ammonia & fertilizer, was that 50% of the Nitrogen in our bodies has come from artificially fixed ammonia!

Here is the Cycle in a Snapshot……

#1 is the Sun

Mix Water (Hydrogen & Oxygen) with Nitrogen & Carbon. Through Photosynthesis, plants make sugars, carbohydrates, starches, and cellulose.

Animal metabolize these for food.

As Plants and animals die & decay the Nitrogen is released & taken back into plants, as well as some of the carbon.

What is left in the ground after a long time are hydrocarbons and over the eons, this has changed Earths atmosphere into the low Carbon, high Oxygen Environment we know today.

Mankind has through innovation found we can do work with the energy locked in the Hydrocarbons, and over the past 150 years have become so efficient at doing so, that we are releasing more Carbon into the air than Earth’s systems can consume back. We have also overflowed the capacity of Plants by over fertilizing the soil to produce ever growing amounts of food. This excess finds it way into waterways and thus the problems it causes.

We must find ways to work in the confines of the Environment around us. Low Carbon energy, and sustainable food production are key. The answers are out there, we just need to find them & implement them.

Good Luck on your report!

Daniel asks…

Haiti – How much cost for the US to take over Haiti as a de facto Protectorate?

Nothing else has worked. A ten-year interim government could completely change the education system to root our racism and illiteracy, make adequate health care and food available, restore the land for sustainable agriculture, and reorganize the government to eradicate corruption, in short to establish a viable civil society that the Haitian People deserve? Or, with the political ramifications, is Haiti not worth our time, energy and money? The piece-meal fixes over the years seem to do nothing but maintain the status quo. ANY OTHER IDEAS?

admin answers:

The costs would start at a trillion dollars just to build the infrastructure required to do this. Then you could probably count on about 100 billion a year to sustain the programs.

Due to the language issues (the majority of the people in Haita only speak a dialect that is unique to the island and French is the language spoken in business and govrenment) it will take over 20 years to create a generation who are educated to modren standards. It would then take another 20 years for these people to become expierenced middle and senior managers capible of managing a government and govrenment agencies.

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