Your Questions About Renewable Energy Companies

Helen asks…

What companies do solar energy research?

I’m looking into companies that are researching solar/renewable energies, particularly in California. What companies are doing a lot of R&D in this area?
I’m looking for a career. I’m about a year away from my BS in Electrical Engineering and I’m interested in a job in renewables R&D after graduation.

admin answers:

First Solar

These are Silicon Valley solar companies that are doing R&D. I don’t know if you are looking for a company to apply at or looking to invest. Best of luck in any case.

You can find a link to each companies website from the article they were listed in:

Ken asks…

Aren’t these green energy companies unable to make a profit a sign from God telling us not to abandon oil?

The dinosaurs died 5000 years ago and God converted them to oil to sustain our civilization. When you use renewable energy you are giving a big huge middle finger to the dinosaurs and to God as well. And you are probably gay too. Don’t let their sacrifice be in vain. Oil today, oil tomorrow, oil forever. FACT.

admin answers:

Troll is troll.

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