Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Systems

Sandra asks…

How do you feel about using sola-powered appliances or other installations at home?

Hello, I’m a student conducting a short open-ended survey to get a feel of how solar-powered installations at home will be perceived and received by the average person. Your responses will help me develop a sustainable product for residential use. Feel free to respond and send me your comments. Thank you very much for helping! – MariaCGL

admin answers:

I have lived off-grid for about four years relying completely on solar electric power. I learned a lot about conservation as my system is very modest, but I wouldn’t exchange it for a monthly electric bill-I own my power not rent it from an electric company that can hike rates and pollute the air as much as they please.

I feel that utilizing solar energy has helped me look at my energy use in a new way. I have developed a new pattern language in my home and during my daily activities that have made me much less wasteful. Solar energy is expensive and so being efficient always trumphs adding solar modules to the home.

It feels great to use renewable energy from the sun!


Thomas asks…

What is an environmentally sustainable society?

What is an environmentally sustainable society? Distinguish between living on the earth’s natural capital and living on the renewable biological income provided by this capital. How is this related to the sustainability of (a) the earth’s life-support system and (b) your lifestyle?

admin answers:

It’s one where all the people are dead.

People have no right to live. It’s bad for “the environment”.

The government has a right to total power. If it’s necessary to pass laws that stop agriculture or the production of energy, that’s fine – anything for the environment.

You have no right to a lifestyle because it uses natural resources.

Don’t laugh. This are exactly the belief underlying the environmental movement, and which big governments throughout the western world are actively implementing.

The point is, the distinction the question asks about, cannot be made except by a society based on the private ownership of the means of production. Capital is a market concept. There’s no use talking about government management of capital, because government has no way to calculate capital without using market methods. Government has no way to not consume capital – in fact, that’s all that government does. There is simply no evidence or scientific reason for the modern superstitious belief that government can further environmental sustainability. The belief that it can is merely confused, like the person who wrote the questions you are asking.

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