Your Questions About Renewable Energy

Maria asks…

How renewable energy solar power works?

My father is asking me to post a question about this.He is planning to buy an alternative renewable energy resources.Is it true that you will save electricity from alternative home energy solutions? Any suggestions and help on this post is highly appreciated thanks.

admin answers:

You can use renewable energy sources since it can be replenished in a short period of time. A the same time you can help the environment. And the best is it will never run out of sources of renewable energy as long as humans will exist. I found this website it says “Many people (including myself) have reportedly slashed their monthly electricity bill by up to 80% through the methods mentioned above. If we can do it, so can you.”. Just check this out for more details.
I hope i was bale to contribute a bit on your question.

Charles asks…

Is it better to be a computer engineer or engineer in renewable energy?

I hesitate a lot between these two formations attractive computer networks or renewable energy. Renewable energy for its ecology and environmental protection, and the other allows to create his business to cope with the websites, high tech and everything.

Which do you prefer? Which has more opportunities and is best to live?

admin answers:

Renewable energy is an ureliable endeavor. Comp engineers are always in need.

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