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Steven asks…

What are the real battle lines and angles between our energy security issues?

America has been facing a national security issue over energy for some time now. One group proposed a simple, seemingly harmless solution: Develop, deploy and implement alternative energies that would eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. As well as take a huge chunk out of our trade deficit and help the environment.
Another group wants to use our strategic reserves here at home(drill baby drill) to offset foreign dependency, reduce trade deficit and bust OPEC price controls.
Another group wanted to invade Iraq to privatize its oil industry(one the world’s largest) to maximize output and dump oil on the market to bust OPEC price controls. And thereby continue onto other OPEC price hawks like Iran and Venezuela.
My question is what are the REAL issues here? The third group’s motivation is obvious. Does the first group truly motivated by a desire to resolve our energy security issues and solve our trade deficit and environmental issues? Or is there also an internationalist angle of taking the biggest(and richest) oil consumer out of the game to give developing countries more access to oil? And to relieve developing oil producing countries of higher quotas to make their reserves more sustainable?
And what of the 2nd group? Is this really an alternative albeit temporary solution? Or is it just a bogus herring by the oil industry and investors to make a bunch of money by looting our strategic energy reserves which are set aside for real crisis?
Any insight would be helpful.

admin answers:

Matthew, this is a dynamite and insightful question. Please note that our strategic oil reserve is not the same as oil in the ground.

The real issue is that people don’t like change, or to feel like their livelihoods are being controlled by others. I think we should drill now as a short-term stop gap measure, even if that won’t produce flowing oil for several years; and continue to develop alternative energy sources; the most economically viable will win, and those who continue to develop better solutions will be the financial winners. We may see an evolution of technologies that will last for a long period of time.

Linda asks…

How can industries change to reduce their environmental impact in relation to acid rain?

How can industries operate in more sustainable ways to reduce their environmental impact in relation to acid rain?

Best answer gets 10 points!

admin answers:

Two main things to concentrate on to reduce a companies Carbon Footprint or output-

1. Co2 output due to the manufacturing or transport process.
Review ways to reduce pollutants that are released into the air and either filter exhaust or limit and compound run time. For transportation, consolidation of shipments and lighting weights can help reduce pollutants and save money.

2. Reducing “grid” dependency.
Energy that is deprived from coal processing is a huge culprit! One simple solution is to replace the facility lighting to an energy efficient system. The reduction in carbon footprint reduction from energy efficiency, can actually be measured.
Then look into all energy savings, such as electronic downtime drain. Again-these changes, also reap big savings for this company as well- seems like a no brainer!

Good Luck!

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