Your Questions About Renewable Energy Jobs

Richard asks…

Will more jobs will be gained than lost by transitioning the country away from fossil fuels?

Will more jobs will be gained than lost by transitioning the country away from fossil fuels and toward cleaner, renewable energy sources?

Some say this is America’s key to remaining number one, yet most Conservatives do not agree and continue to push oil as the number one source. Is it time to drastically change America’s thirst for oil?

admin answers:

No one is listening to Cons anyway. They are still stuck in the 19th century and everybody knows our dependance on oil is a national security issue and that for America to remain the dominate power in the world we had better get with the program and get off of our dependance on fossil fuels. Democrats now have the opportunity to pass legislation to do just that and I hope they act swiftly upon it, else China and others will soon pass us as number one. They are rapidly working on their own green energy and our probably ahead of us already!

George asks…

What type of engineers work in the field of sustainable energy?

Im considering doing a Building Services and Sustainable Engineering degree, what kind of jobs do you think it will open up for me?
Will i be able to work with sustainable/renewable energies, such as solar panels, wind turbines etc? or would i need a different type of engineering course to do that?

Any more information on engineering would be more than helpfull, im not 100% sure whether i want to do an engineering degree or not.


admin answers:


From my own knowledge, jobs open for Sustainable Engineering degree are Electrical Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Admin., Project Manager etc.

Some consultancies provide solar installation courses, but I am not sure if it is what you want to do.

And sustainable engineering is a vast concept, you may need to choose your major orientation later, like wind energy, bioenergy, or solar…

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