Your Questions About Renewable Energy Jobs

Betty asks…

Would the person who discovers a way to efficiently power cars using renewable energy become richest person?

Would the person who discovers a way to efficiently power cars just like petrol using endless renewable energy without using fossil fuels and causing pollution become the richest person on earth?

also, is science a job career to take, like physics, biology, chemistry etc? it sounds fun and interesting.
I mean a way to power cars using renewable energy just as efficiently as petrol….electric cars dont really work at the moment imo..

admin answers:

Possibly quite wealthy but telecommunications and computers will always be a more valuable industries than transportation.

So maybe the third richest.

As pornography and robotics have not yet conjoined I still suspect that the person who invents the first realistic sex robot will actually be the richest.

So maybe the fourth richest.

Jenny asks…

Is getting a job in renewable energy a worthwhile career move in Australia ?

At the moment I’m a fully qualified panel beater in Scotland , I’m looking to move to Australia in the next 2 years and I’m also looking at a career change , my friend is out there at the moment and told me about renewable energy. I’ve done a search on google , I cant seem to find any straight answers , any info is appreciated thanks

admin answers:

I’ve been thinking about this also. I live in a different country than you but what I’ve found was that the government is putting more and more money into producing alternative sources of energy. Australia has a giant coast line and tidal energy is becoming more popular.

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