Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Technologies

Chris asks…

What technologies are we lacking for manned deep space exploration?

Other than the energy requirements and possibly artificial gravity if we build a large spaceship that’s big enough to be self sustainable for the humans on board, what other technologies would we need to master before we can even consider sending people out into deep space?

If you can think of more than a few, can you write a list. 🙂

admin answers:

Nonsense = we have had the technology since the 1950’s .. What we lack is the political will ..

Carol asks…

How can UK families become more energy efficient in the future?

are there any ways of becoming more energy efficient for families in the future?

what are the causes of so much energy usage?
what are the effects of it?

admin answers:

I believe neighbourhood communities could be the answer. Families alone find it expensive or impractical to become more energy efficient, however the combined skills, knowledge, capital and resources within a neighbourhood could overcome this.

Utilising a community to transform a neighbourhood can generate so many more benefits. With the use of technology communities could provide their own energy, grow/farm the majority of their own foods, provide social care for the elderly and young. Create infra structure to enable community activities and develop towards being self sustainable.

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