Your Questions About Renewable Energy Jobs

Richard asks…

What kind of degree should I get to become a wind energy researcher?

I want to major in a field that will pretty much guarantee me a research and development job in wind energy. I am not interested in any other forms of alternative energy, so a general renewable energy bachelor’s won’t do. Any help?

admin answers:

But you will still have to include renewable energy in your searches because it is part of the whole gamut of a still wider and unfolding field … And so you will have to include in your searches solar energy and natural resources as well because, after all, the whole purpose of harnessing wind energy is to produce electricity and to support engineering involved in designing and manufacturing wind-availing technologies.

Look to those schools located in the Mid-west and west coast — where the greatest wind forces are located — Kansas, Oklahoma, for example, and California — and find what degree programs they are founding and that are underway.

Thomas asks…

Which candidate has a better plan for renewable energy?

I think this is incredibly important and I am trying to figure out who has a better plan regarding renewable energy.

It seems Obama is more specific about his goals in this area. All I hear from McCain and Palin is about offshore drilling.

What do you think?

admin answers:

McCain is definitely gonna drill, and Palin strengthens that orientation. Given that drilling will not impact our market prices for 10 years and then by negligible amounts. He has paid lip service to a few alternatives, with a small list of solar, geothermal and wind, because those are on every one’s lipsafter thee competitions speeches.

Obama is quite clear that drilling can be considered nothing more than a brief stop gap solution and that we need to turn to as many alternate techniques to answer our energy appetites as we can find. He stresses doing the research to come up with new energy frontiers, and following up on ones that have the least negative impact on theenvironmentt. He is also confident that this line of industry will create many jobs, and will encourage ourpopulationn to be more aware of the consequences of our energy intensive lifestyles.

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