Your Questions About Renewable Energy Jobs

Lisa asks…

Can you get a job in renewable energy engineering with a civil engineering degree?

Or more generally, are there any engineering degrees which wouldnt qualify me to work in renewable energy engineering?

admin answers:

It depends on which subdivion of civil engineering you are in, structural, construction, environmental, transportation, or hydrology. I think environmental are more related to renewable energy engineering than the others in terms of the stuff people are doing in that discipline. Also, as far as I know there are many graduate programs regarding energy offered within civil engineering department in many universities.

George asks…

what career should I choose to work on builiding science and renewable energy?

Hi I would like to work on building science like install panel solars,wind and you know building science also I want to star a business sell products of renewable energy like solar panels,wind,hydro,etc.

So which career can fit in those jobs? thanks

admin answers:

Good for you! If you like to actually work on and reinvent the renewable technological devices yourself, you should get into electrical engineering in order to understand how everything works in an electrical system and further invent ways to improve it. You always can start a business later one after you have some good working experience with the renewable energy products.

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