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William asks…

how do I approach companies , to fund my carbon offset projects in southern africa. Our charity is reg in UK?

we want to set up projects in rural areas that use renewable energy

admin answers:

You need a web site that shows your letters of endorsement from existing organizations saying this program is needed, data that demonstrates your target group is in need whatever service it is that you want to provide and that they are not served otherwise, and a draft of what your first year’s budget would look like (what expenses you expect to incur, what you expect to pay staff, etc.). Your web site should also have a profile of those staffing your nonprofit and showing their qualifications for engaging in these type of projects. Once you have all of this, you can let representatives from international NGOs, international corporations, universities and others in the immediate area of where you are located know about this web site and your plans, and ask to meet with them about possible partnerships. Potential donors are best cultivated if you can meet with them face-to-face, and show them transparent accounting and credible data about what you are proposing and why it’s a good investment option for them. And that means looking for donors who are nearest to you geographically-speaking.

Paul asks…

What do you think is the biggest problem in our world?

For me its the fact that most countries are not getting along and there is war. Also I think that the non renewable energy resources are also a big problem.

admin answers:

Humans are animals in a constant state of denial.

Our biggest problem is our xenophobic instinct. It came in very handy when we were living as small bands of apes which competed for food. Killing strangers increased our food supply and also helped us pass on our own genes. Dead apes don’t bear children.

Sadly, our culture has become far more sophisticated than our biology has. Religion is an attempt to force us to live unnatrually as peaceful strangers, but it is just an imperfect fix. Even sadder is how humans use their intellect to pervert this stopgap into just another excuse to kill.

Perhaps it will be our culture which eventually saves us, but at a rather frightening cost. I believe we are now standing on the threshold of a new era where humans will physically begin to merge with their own technology. Genetic engineering and bio physics will probably be the forces which allows humans to live peacefully together, but we will no longer be human.

Those of us who still are will probably be on display in some future zoo. Groups of humans will wander in separate enclosures. Every now and then groups will be allowed to view one another and I suppose the visitors will enjoy watching these apes verbally assalt one another with racial hatred. Male chimpansees have to “go ape” every now and then to maintain their sanity, and I suppose humans are no different.

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