Your Questions About Renewable Energy Companies

Linda asks…

To get into Renewable energy, what is the best degree for me to study?

Is it better to study ‘Green energy technology’ at Leicester uni, or study an engineering degree, probably electrical eng?
Or if there are any other courses you suggest….? and why?
Or is there any point wanting to go into the renewable energy sector? will we ever actually turn to green energies? or will big oil/gas/nuclear companies rule what we do, and not allow us to move forward in a green way?

admin answers:

If you REALLY want to help out the renewable energy sector, become a top-notch electrical engineer. Then, revolutionize our capacitor technology.

That is one of main things keeping renewables as a second-tier resource. With wind farms and solar stations especially, our present capacitor capabilities will forbid them from ever becoming anything more than an aid. They will NEVER be able to replace all the coal/oil/gas/nuclear… Unless you go out and design us some rockstar capacitors. Inefficient energy storage is the killer.

And those companies don’t “rule what we do.” C’mon now. Look at what renewables are actually capable of with our present technology. They are not a fantastic cure-alls.

Besides, power companies are diversifying their sources more and more everyday. GE and AREVA are huge energy players, and both are integrating renewables into the designs. Our energy sources will have to play nice with each other until our technology progresses further. It’s not all or nothing.

Susan asks…

Geothermal energy is often the great hope of renewable energy as it can be continuously and reliably produced?

Geothermal energy is often the great hope of renewable energy as it can be continuously and reliably produced 24/7. While it it has the best potential, it is very limited geographically. The best geothermal resources are in Alaska and California, and the best potential resources are west of the Rockies. How do we overcome the geographic limitations of geothermal energy?

admin answers:

The simple answer to your question is: ‘dig deeper in the ground.’ There are several companies out there at present that are willing to install geothermal energy suppies into the home. I live in England and I have had pumps installed in my gym. I save hundreds of pounds each year in electricity bills. Unfortunately I can only source my knowledge onto the e-book that I purchased but if you have any more questions about this please email me and I will answer the question to the best of my ability. Hope this helps.

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