Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Technologies

Michael asks…

What are some sustainable living options? – and some extended details please?

I am doing some homework on designing a poster for Technology Class. I just need some help on what I should choose, they all seem good. I need this ready for the 31st of March. Thanks! And if you cannot answer this question, then you could probably try to answer my other question about using sustainable or renewable energy in our lives 🙂 Thanks!

admin answers:

1. Make compost from all vege waste.
2. Install a composting toilet
3. Grow your own food using the compost.
4. Fully insulate your house
5. Add solar gain to your house like a conservatory
6. Re-use as much as possible
7. Recycle what you don’t re-use.
8. Turn your car into a glass-house to grow tomatoes etc.
9. Ride a bicycle
10. Collect rain water
11. Use water sparingly
12. Go to bed at sunset and get up just before sunrise

Helen asks…

What role should the fed gov’t play in developing alternative energy?

Energy‘s like nuclear, biomass, hydro, hydrogen, solar, wind and others need to be developed to supplement traditional sources. Should and how should the government play a role?

admin answers:

In the US, the federal government should foster research through grants to universities and not-for-profit research organizations. To be feasible on a large scale, there needs to be significant advances in a variety of technologies. Corporate and consumer tax credits will foster consumer momentum to jump-start adoption of new technologies. Currently, many industries are already “going green” due to reduced long-term energy and environmental costs. Additional hydrocarbon taxes can increase this incentive to use sustainable energy. Fostering technology development and innovation utilization is the best role for the federal government.

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