Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Systems

Linda asks…

What is a voltage inverter and converter?

please can you tell me what they are…i am doing this for my design tech project sustainable energy A level

admin answers:

An Inverter is a device which inputs battery level DC (usually 12V, large scale systems may be 24 or 48 volts) and outputs domestic mains voltage/current. Cheap ones output a coarsely simulated AC, better ones provide a wave which more closely resembles sinusoidal AC.

A converter, generally, is a device which changes the input of the device to a different output.
In power, it usually means voltage, which may be a transformer for AC power, or a switch mode converter for DC.

Sandra asks…

Can a UK Government (Labour or Tory) really invest in creating green jobs and pulling us out of recession?

Or will the money get spent on expensive weapons systems instead?

admin answers:

The Atlantic weather front breaks on this country. If Europe has successful wind energy programs then why can’t we. 40% of the net wind energy throughout Europe is in the UK.

We’re also surrounded by the sea which means we have massive potential for wave energy devices and tidal turbines but, this technology is less developed than wind energy.

Then we are also not utilising our own rubbish enough. We are running out of landfill and are burying a great potential energy source. Incineration, although not everyone favourite can generate vast amounts of electricity.

Then there’s cows. We have a very sustainable farming industry (providing the government is there to support it). Using anaerobic digesters we can produce quite a bit of energy also.

There are many materials out there that can make our homes more efficient. Further research and the backing to get companies off the ground to produce these materials can make huge savings in energy usage.

There are many potential methods to really kick start a green economy it just needs a government to get behind the idea and crack on with it.

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