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George asks…

What are some challenges the world will face with the increase in global populations?

What are some challenges the Earth’s population must face as we begin the 21st century?

We have increasing populations, but eventually we will reach carrying capacity where these people are no longer sustainable on Earth. (Think, China, Africa, etc). I already have lack of healthcare, and resource depletion (water, soil, etc).

What are some ways we can take responsibility for ensuring a sustainable future for the planet? What actions can we take?

Thanks in Advance!

admin answers:

Effects: hunger, lack of water, wars for the water, new diseases.

-Alternative energy sources affordables.
-Less weapons and more food technology
-More walking less driving
-Prepare each one a more balanced life…
-Doing more sport
-Watch less tv and internet addiction.
-Share the things that we dont use with someone who needs them.

Thomas asks…

How can wealthy people claim they’re environmentally friendly when they consume so much?

It puzzles me how celebrities and wealthy people can claim they’re environmentally friensdly simply by driving hybrids or wearing organic clothing, when they live in big houses which require energy to build and maintain them, take lots of flights, own lots of clothes they don’t need, and own several cars instead of just one. Isn’t being wealthy and conspicuous consumption inherantly environmentally unfriendly?

admin answers:

I must agree that for many of the Celebs it is more of a marketing ploy than a real lifestyle choice. However, there is an increasing number of people with money who are willing to really make a difference.

Larry Hagman, (from I dream of Jeannie and Dallas fame) has a very eco friendly home, he has a huge solar array which feeds enough back into the grid to supply energy for a couple other homes, he has worked it out with the utility company to give the extra to low income families.

That is just one example, many others are doing the right thing. I think we need to learn how to consume less energy and other resources without giving up our lifestyle. If a person becomes aware of how their spending impacts the environment they are more likely to reduce their impact by purchasing less and when they do buy, they will look for a sustainable solution. For those that are doing it for PR, who cares they were going to buy things any way, at least they are buying sustainable things this time.

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