Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Solutions

Mark asks…

Why are there no good suggestions for mitigating CO2 levels?

Most of the “solutions” to global warming are just methods to tax companies for unspecified projects to reduce global warming. Most of the suggested solutions are merely schemes to make companies pay for being big bad meanies. Why are there very few people with actual intelligent solutions for reducing the CO2 in our atmosphere? Yes, burning less fossil fuels would do that, but if we gave up fossil fuels we would have mass starvation on our hands. I’m all for sustainable alternate forms of energy, but what of other solutions, such as devising ways to absorb any extra CO2 in our atmosphere?

admin answers:

The only solution is to enjoy an atmosphere richer in CO2, which, if it continues will be beneficial for plant life… Which will benefit all life on earth.

The more CO2 there is, the more plants use it. Compared to naturally growing plants, we could have no appreciable effect at all. There’s a lot of them, not many of us.

Michael asks…

How to green power my home?

I am a father of 3 and tired of paying these outrageous energy bills monthly. We pay in the neighbourhood of 450 canadaian and its got to end! I have come to the conclusion I am going to invest in renewable energy solutions for my home. I want to FULLY remove my home from the energy grid.
I need to know exactly what I will need? I understand I need solar panels and batteries, or windgenerator and batteries but, what else? What past the batteries in the system will I need?

admin answers:

Buy a book called the Solar Living Sourcebook…

that’s a description of it, it’s about $25 but it has everything you need to know from start to finish, plus other topics / methods in sustainability/renewable energy

it’s basically the hornbook for sustainable folks…if they don’t own it then they’ve at least heard of it, i promise you that

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