Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Development

Charles asks…

What are the best three sustainable construction techniques available?

Construction Techniques available should cover each of the following:

-Reducing energy consumption during construction and operation.
-Use of materials.
-Reducing and managing waste and natural resources.

Thanks in advance!!

admin answers:

# Planing-
Urban planners that are interested in achieving sustainable development or sustainable cities use various design principles and techniques when designing cities and their infrastructure.

# Architecture-
Sustainable architecture attempts to reduce the collective environmental impacts during the production of building components, during the construction process, as well as during the lifecycle of the building (heating, electricity use, carpet cleaning etc.)

# Landscape and garden design-
Design techniques include planting trees to shade buildings from the sun or protect them from wind, using local materials, on-site composting and chipping to reduce green waste hauling, and also may involve using drought-resistant plantings in arid areas (xeriscaping) and buying stock from local growers to avoid energy use in transportation.

Hope this must be helpful.

David asks…

Why is the recycling of iron neccessary for sustainable development?

Heard some people talking about it, was just wondering. Thanks!

admin answers:

Iron is one of the most used and recycled metals.
It takes from 2 to 10 the energy to use virgin ore over recycling. Extraction accounts for 7% of the worlds energy use. The more we recycle the less that needs to be mined.

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