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Michael asks…

How much electricity will it take to feed the world’s estimated population in 2050?

My question is this: How much electricity would vertical farming take to feed the worlds 9billion people in 2050?

The artificial lights take up a high amount of energy but i’m wondering how much. Condescending question: Would all the renewable energy available that we are technologically capable of right now suffice for the artificial light we would use in 2050 for our food? If not, if our efficiency on these renewable energies grew to suffice the demand of the light how much would our efficiency need to increase?

admin answers:

I have no idea how much electricity it would take. I wonder, though, if it would be better to focus on the demand side of this question. How much electricity could the world save by emphasizing population control, rather than reproduction?

Maria asks…

How much of the World’s energy consumption is renewable?

I know that the World‘s Energy Consumption is 483.6 Q, and the United States energy consumption is 101.55. The United States renewable energy consumption is 6.81 Q.

I can’t find any information the world‘s renewable energy consumption. Does anybody know what it is?


admin answers:

I remember hearing it was roughly worldwide about 1.5% sorry cant provide a link.

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