Your Questions About Renewable Energy Jobs

Daniel asks…

any one know of any renewable energy engineering universities?

If you know of any universities that that renewable energy engineering please give me their names, and a website link to if possible.

admin answers:

All accredited engineering schools teach everything you need to know about renewable energy. Focus on either chemical (ChE), mechanical (ME) or electrical (EE). EEs will tend to do more in solar electric, MEs in wind turbines, nuclear and passive solar, and ChEs in portable fuels (such as gasoline substitutes) and nuclear, so it depends on what most interests you. Don’t count on getting a job in renewables right off – just get a job.

Lizzie asks…

what are some good jobs that involve sustainability?

Im a freshman at the University of Oregon. I am a business major and I am interested in doing some kind of work in the sustainability field. Being a freshman I am no pro when it comes to sustainability, but I would like to do some kind of work that involves improving the environment and promoting renewable energy. Whats a good job I could possibly see myself doing in the futre?

admin answers:

Be a bureaucrat. You won’t be expected to produce anything. All you’ll need to do is harass the people who are actually trying to run a business.

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