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Laura asks…

What business can i start in south india with Rs.1 lakh?

I’m a mechatronics engineering graduate who wishes to start my own business venture in india. I am willing to invest Rs.1,00,000-1,50,000. I wish to get a profit of Rs.50-70,000 per month within 2-3months after starting the business. Is it possible to start a renewable energy based company on these terms? I am ready to put in a lot of hard work. I hope to get some genuine suggestions from everyone here. Thanks in advance

admin answers:

Starting a business is big step is life and it is even bigger than marriage decision especially when you are new to this!

You may get many genuine advice. But tell me one thing, if everyone could do business just like you mentioned with 1 Lakh ( let us consider 10 Lakh) and get monthly profile of 50K then no one would be answering here. Everyone could be happy to work hard to get more profit 🙂

Be realistic about business. Do not play with numbers. Play with ideas.

Bottom line : Answer to your question – There are many small ventures working in energy sector. One of my friend work in solar energy sector in Bangalore. It took him almost 2 years to build network and get customers. Atleast for one year he was running business in loss.

Remember, its a venture, full of adventures. If you can handle it, think about it. Without profit business wont work and without planning nothing works. Meet experts, get into start-up group.

Donna asks…

why are environmentalists voting no on CA prop 7?

i’ve read that groups like the sierra club and the environment defense fund oppose prop 7. i don’t understand — doesn’t it increase renewable energy? what’s wrong with this bill?

i support environmental causes but i want to know what the facts are before tuesday. any insight would be appreciated.

admin answers:

What it does is insist that ONLY huge companies can provide clean energy, which will put out of business all the little companies that have been developing and implementing clean energy all this time.

It also sets inflated energy rates, costing everyone MORE for cheaper energy.

I bet League of Women Voters has good stuff on this.

You could also go to NRDC and Sierra Club web sites; I bet they lay our their reasoning there.

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