Your Questions About Renewable Energy For Kids

Joseph asks…

Where can I find information on Hydroelectric Power?

I’m doing a persuasive research paper on why Hydroelectric Power is a better energy resource than any other alternative resources. I have a few web sites I’ve found with good information but still need more because the paper is 8+ pages. I’ll probably check out a few books at the library as well but as far as at-home research goes…

What are some good, reliable web sites I can find information on Hydroelectric Power?

admin answers:

You might have some of these websites already…


Here are some books that you could try to get.

Hydroelectric Power – by Josepha Sherman
The Economics of Hydroelectric Power – by Brian K. Edwards
Micro Hydroelectric Power Stations – by Lucien Monition, M. Le Nir, J. Roux

Good luck! I hope that the information helps!

Daniel asks…

What are the future ideas of green energy?

I want to know that what is the future of green like tidal energy etc

admin answers:

Well, get ready to face the truth, even if you don’t like it.

We have had over 10 years of studies showing that wind is a bust. Its only 30% efficient and that doesn’t even count all the transmission line medical issues, etc, etc.
Read them for yourself from all over the world
September 2004
Report doubts future of wind power – Germany Study
26 February 2005
Wind farms criticized as costly an inefficient in report by renewable energy group – UK
06 October, 2008
Small Wind Sucks, Test Finds
July 29, 2009
Wind Turbines Leave Clouds and Energy Inefficiency in Their Wake
01.22.2010 – UK
February 3,2011 – operated at only 24 per cent of their capacity
Lack of wind hits wind energy production – Netherlands
28 February 2011
Lack of wind saw Scottish land-based turbines idle for four-fifths of 2010
02April 2011

Solar is good, but still have the transmission line issues. They are also expensive, but technology is changing to create better panels that produce more voltage per square inch.

Tidal ? Your kidding, right ? First you have to section off a piece of beachfront property just to anchor them out. You’ll need transmission lines to them. Good luck if you live in an area with frequent storms and hurricanes. Beachfront property is the most expensive and beach communities usually don’t like to waste the real estate. The power derived from these are limited so far.
An underwater tidal generator would be a better idea, but its only being experimented with.

Once you look at how much power a city uses, you’ll come to realize that the only way we have to create that power we need in the quantity we need it is Nuclear, coal and / or oil. NOT saying give up on green technologies, but coal plants have come a LONG way and don’t produce the Acid Rain we saw back in the 70’s and 80’s. Especially the new ones and they can utilized carbon sinking systems too. Nuclear is only scarey due to the recent events in Japan, but it has a safe record through history.

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