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William asks…

Instead of suspending the gas tax for the summer, what if the FEDs give a tax break for renewable energy?

And take the fed gas tax and put the entire amount toward research for alternative fuels sources. That way there would be funding for research for renewable energy, and rebates for folks who actually save the environment and use less gas. Currently we have no incentive to save gas, other than the pocket book, and as soon as the price of gas goes below $3 everyone will be buying Hummers again.
When demand goes down, so will the price….

admin answers:

Demand for gas is down in the U.S.A. By 17% compared to the same time last year.
In 2006 I carried a petition for just 3 cents of every dollar of the oil producers profit to go to “alternative energy development” and it was defeated by the Oil Producers advertising campaign warning that the cost of gas would jump dramatically if it passed. Well-I knew that it was going to anyways. Without funds to produce alternative energy the Oil Producers are safe to gouge us to their hearts content.
Our tax dollars are in part going to “subsidize” those poor Oil Producers still regardless of their record breaking profits. That money could be better used towards alternative energy. But then Bush doesn’t want to hurt his rich supporters.

Donna asks…

I want to know more about renewable energy in Singapore.?

I am researching on renewable energy.

So far I know Singapore has implemented biomass, solar energy and fuel cells.

The problem that I am facing is that when I search the net for renewable energy, all the information given are not within Singapore region. I need someone to tell me where can I find more information on renewable energy in Singapore.

Do anyone know which companies uses renewable energy? Who can I find to know more about the topic?

Is there any other students doing major project on renewable energy? If yes, email me. I hope to work together to produce good results.

Thanks a Lot!

admin answers:

Not sure if this will help but you can do a search on the Singapore Yahoo search engine: , Type in ‘renewable energy Singapore’ click on ‘Singapore’ and it should turn up a few websites for you. You can go to the National Environmental Agency (NEA) at or visit the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) at:

Other sites you may wish to check out:

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