Your Questions About Renewable Energy Companies

George asks…

How can such a company be allowed to build nuclear power plants?

How is it possible that a company with the reputation of Tepco be allowed to build nuclear power plants in Japan where there are large earthquakes? …or anywhere for that matter. In fact, corporate greed has reached it’s peak don’t you think? Why do you think man has been so lazy in using renewable energy sources?

admin answers:

The Politics of Power!


On Brians answer… Humans call it clean and renewable…while trying to ignore that they are burying Nuclear waste under the earths crust calling it safe. Actually it gives the problem to the next generation of humans and the environment.

Earthquake happen underground all the time.only sometimes generating havoc on the surface.
If this waste were to ever leak into the underground water system…the epic radiation of spent fuel rods will pollute more than just an area on top of the earth.

Sandy asks…

To the doubters of global warming, would you buy renewable energy?

I hear you, you are sick of Al Gore and aren’t convinced in the science behind global warming. But would you buy renewable energy anyway, since it pollutes less? Even if it cost a little more? Say $5 extra a month for 200KwH if your Electric Company offered it? It would be nice if congress passed a law that required Electric Companies to offer renewable energy so that at least you would have the option to buy renewable if you wanted to?

admin answers:

Although I am not a doubter of Global Warming, there is a limit to how much extra I would be willing to pay for renewable energy, even though I am a fan of renewable energy..

Fortunately the cost of production for electricity produced by wind is approximately 4 cents per kilowatt hour which makes it very competitive with energy produced by fossil fuels.

However for electricity produced by solar photovoltaic cells the cost of production is over 10 times that largely because of the huge capital costs for a system that produces relatively small amounts of electricity.

The cost of production of electricity produced by solar photovoltaic cells is over 40 cents per kilowatt thour.

The maximum amount of money that I am willing to pay for ecectricity is approximately 15 cents per kilowatt hour which makes electricity produced by wind possible, but not electricity produced by solar photovoltaic cells.

I also am not willing to go along with a subsidy for electricity produced by solar photovoltaic cells.

Any method of electricity production must stand on its own economically without subsidies.

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