Your Questions About Renewable Energy Companies

Sandy asks…

Is it true that global warming only started in 2008?

Obama and Gore have been sending jets to leave chemtrails since 2008 just so they could make billions by putting taxpayer money towards their renewable energy companies.

admin answers:

Renewable energy is Joe cell, chemtrails started 1996.

Mandy asks…

Are you willing to pay an extra 30-40% on your electric bill if it’s 100% renewable energy?

I am moving to Dallas, and in Dallas they have like 20 different electric companies and some offer 100% renewable energy such as Green Mountain. I come to the conclusion that the cost is about 30-40% more than ones who don’t use renewable energy. Do you think paying the difference is worth it?

admin answers:

The question to answer is:

Can you afford to be so generous and are your ideals worth this sacrifice?

Answer that and you have your answer.

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