Your Questions About Renewable Energy Certificates

William asks…

I have a lot of inventive ideas but no money to build a prototype, is there any company/person that can help?

I have all these inventive ideas from renewable energy to engine modifications, but my down fall is finding the right people to work with to bring this ideas to fruition. I don’t have the money to paten it let alone building a prototype. I need a reputable company or an honest individual that wouldn’t take my ideas and dump me. I have attained certificates in Electrical Engineering and Automotive Engineering and in merging these acquired knowledge I ‘ve come up with a lot of ways to make waves in the engineering department. With a couple of belts, gears and shafts a lot of modifications can be made to change the operational features of an engine. So if there is any company that you know of or any individual that would like to get into partnership with me, please contact me via email.

admin answers:

Darlin’, please be careful, there are a lot of sharks in those waters.
Write your idea down send it off in a certified letter to yourself and then hang on to it in case you ever need to prove it in court.
Same for if you do find a partner, send all info in a cert letter and then to a safety deposit box.
People will beat you unconscious for $10 .
Careful when they seem to eager to hear your ideas and give nothing in return

George asks…

Will Renewable Energy Certificates still be around after July 1 2011?

Who generates these certificates?
What do they do? Who receives the benefits of them?
Have the NSW state govt policy changes made them redundant?
Thank you.

admin answers:

You can still study Renewable Energy At my TAFE in Melbourne so i don’t see why it shouldn’t be the same in NSW

sorry that it doesn’t really answer your question.

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