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Your Questions About Renewable Energy

Betty asks…

why is it important to have renewable energy?

Which types of renewable energy are being utilized in the US and which are in the “design” phase?

admin answers:

One type of renewable energy for cars is the hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen is all around us making it easy to get, plus as an added bonus it doesn’t emit any CO2 emissions. The only thing that comes out of the exhaust is water. Honda has released a hydrogen fuel cell car for lease. It’s called the Honda FCX Clarity. There are four problems that need to be overcome with this source of energy. One is to make hydrogen fuel pumps easily available. Two is to make the car travel more than two hundred miles before refueling. Third is to make the Hydrogen more safe to transport. Hydrogen is more combustional than gasoline. And forth is to make the hydrogen cost a less.

Chris asks…

I am looking for renewable energy companies that trade on the stock market?

Does any one know any renewable Energy companies that trade on the stock market. I am having a hard time finding them.
Do you have any idea how I can find any more names?

admin answers:

Yahoo Finance or MSN Money are good and free tools you can use. Just search for ‘renewable energy’ or ‘green’ companies. Good example of one start up that is getting lots of attention is Beacon Corp (BCON).

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