Your Questions About Renewable Energy

Chris asks…

What kind of college degree should you pursue to go into the sales field of renewable energy? ?

Where I live the universities do not offer degrees in renewable energy, but do offer classes in it. I know that going into engineering is a plus but I am honestly not a “technical” person. I’d do much better in sales (in financial sales now for 5 years). Any advice would be appreciated.

admin answers:

Illinois State Universtiy offers a bachelor’s degree program in Renewable Energy. It’s a 2 part program, technical and policy. I would check out their website

Nancy asks…

What would be a better long term career, An electrician or renewable energy technician?

I’m 22 and I need to do something with my life. The salaries of the two careers are around the same, but I want a job that will last. Renewable energy is suppose to be big in the future, but I’m sure how many jobs will be available. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Go with electrician first. The chances are great that those skills will carry over into other things like electronics. You can still take classes for renewable energy technician at night after work. There is no need to end your education simply because you have gained a career.

Electrician is a proven and lasting career field. Go with it.
Renewable Energy still has a long way to go before it can offer you a promising future you can depend on.


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