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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Development

William asks…

Class, the “green” movement is creating new companies and new industries that help with energy conservation,?

renewal energy development, environmental clean-up, and other ways to make life on Earth more sustainable. What are some opportunities for small businesses to make profits in this area? What advantages might small businesses have over large businesses in pursuing these opportunities?

admin answers:

Simple, most of green products, till now to be honest, at lest not impressive if not worst. If you have a small business, ideas and know how, you can produce better quality working green products versus big corporations that produce stuff that either doesn’t work or very poor quality. After all your small business will depend on quality of the products it pushing.

James asks…

What do conservatives believe they are achieving by putting off the development of sustainable energy?

Do they not know that any financial price they have to pay for it now will be doubled or tripled by the time their children are forced to deal with the fact that the fossil fuels are not infinite and their price depends on them being plentiful?

admin answers:

Conservatives are not putting off developing sustainable energy
You are free to invest YOUR time and money into it any time you want.

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy Certificates

Paul asks…

How to purchase and use Renewable Energy Certificates?

Can someone please explain if and how I can buy renewable energy certificates for my apartment electricity use. My local energy company does not currently provide renewable energy and I am under the impression I can buy certificates from renewable energy companies and use those certificates to pay for my current electric bill.

Can you please explain this process.

admin answers:

It’s a pointless exercise because all of the electricity comes from the same generators connected to the same grid.

Joseph asks…

What possible reason could anybody ever have for wanting to get a renewable energy training certificate?

What possible reason could anybody ever have for wanting to get a renewable energy training certificate?

admin answers:

Cause people are wanting to know more about renewable energy more and more to bring that to a company makes you an asset which means more knowledge and money for you, im wanting it

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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Without The Hot Air

Mary asks…

What are some of the things you do to lead a more sustainable lifestyle?

Many years ago, Kate and I developed a Stewardship Model for Tom’s of Maine in order to codify all of the natural, sustainable practices we were already following—such as only using natural ingredients and never testing on animals. The Stewardship Model sets out very specific standards for natural, sustainable, and responsible practices, and guides all of us every day in our decision making.

Kate and I also feel that a commitment to sustainability should be incorporated into all areas of the company—not just the product formulations. Let me share just two examples: our packaging designer, Jack, purchases only post-consumer-waste recycled and recyclable materials and soy-based inks; and my Director of Product Supply, Mark, had some great ideas about using renewable energy sources, so in 2006, we began purchasing wind energy credits to offset 100% of our factory’s electricity needs.

admin answers:

I recycle, grow many of my own vegetables (without pesticides and herbicides), maintain my home so that it is as energy efficient as possible, purchased a new high efficiency washer and dryer pair (uses less gas to dry because washer spins clothes better), keep my tires on my car properly inflated (increases gas mileage), flush my hot water heater regularly (improves efficiency and increases lifespan of heater), use a thermos instead of bottled water (wastes the plastic), buy recycled materials when possible, reuse bags from grocery store, buy soy ink printed materials whenever possible, buy soy ink checks, buy recycled checks, cook from scratch often (less packaging), get regular oil changes/air filter changes (improves mileage), pickup after my dog, don’t smoke tobacco, installed new energy saving windows in our home, and last, but not least…

I write my State Legislators, Member of Congress, Senators, Mayor, Governor, and even the President to ask that they support legislation that will encourage the expansion of alternative energy sources like solar, wind, and geothermal. I also advocate for the use of gray-water systems and other “green” alternatives. Check out these websites:

Donald asks…

What kind of fuel alternative do you think would be best? Electric, hydrogen, ethanol, other?

There a few different options yet it seems that the switch is very slow. What do you think would be the best alternative and do you think it would be a possibility to offer them all to the public at once.
Thank you for the great answers so far everyone. Breath of Wind I agree with most of what you said. We might need to look into different energies for different situations.

admin answers:

Hydrogen takes too much energy to create, there isn’t enough spare land for biomass – electricity is probably the solution since it can be generated from many different sources which can become greener as technology advances. ‘Sustainable Energy without the hot air’ is a good read if UK centered

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy Jobs Houston

James asks…

Will special rights for ‘minorities’ end, right about the time white people become a minority?

admin answers:

While the economic recovery is improving the nation’s employment prospects, Hispanics need more help finding jobs, the U.S. Labor Department reported Thursday.

Compared with Anglos and African-Americans, Hispanics have a higher-than-average unemployment rate, less education and higher rate of on-the-job fatalities, according to the report titled “The Hispanic Labor Force in the Recovery.”

“We know more needs to be done to get Hispanics back to work,” Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis said during a conference call with reporters Thursday. She said the report was a fitting tribute to the late farm worker and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, whose 84th birthday would have been Thursday.

“We know more needs to be done to get Hispanics back to work,” Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis said during a conference call with reporters Thursday. She said the report was a fitting tribute to the late farm worker and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, whose 84th birthday would have been Thursday.

Solis also announced that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has agreed to suspend worksite immigration investigations for sites where the Labor Department is investigating labor disputes such as a wage and hour, family and medical leave, discrimination or health and safety issues. The agreement was part of a memorandum of understanding between the Labor Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

The agreement will protect workers during wage theft and other investigations, Solis said.

Laura Boston, director of the nonprofit Houston Interfaith Worker Justice Center, which advocates for low-wage workers, applauded the agreement.

In at least two instances she handled recently, workers were deported shortly after they filed complaints of workplace abuse, said Boston. One involved charges of sex harassment and race discrimination and another was payment of wages including overtime.

“We never knew whether the companies called immigration officials or whether it was by chance,” Boston said. “The employer is never held responsible if the worker is deported and isn’t there to testify.”

Unemployment rate
According to the Labor Department report, the average 2010 unemployment rate for Hispanic workers was 12.5 percent, compared with 8.7 percent for white workers and 16 percent for black workers.

On the plus side, unemployed Hispanics spend fewer weeks looking for work than whites or blacks. And a lower proportion of Hispanics are counted as long-term jobless, which the Labor Department defines as 27 weeks or longer.

One reason Hispanics lag behind other workers is that unemployment rates are closely tied to education levels.

Workers with bachelor’s degrees or higher had an average unemployment rate of 6 percent in 2010, while workers without high school diplomas had a rate of 13.2 percent.

Job training
Hispanics at least age 25 who have jobs are significantly less likely to have college diplomas than either blacks or Anglos, according to the report. The proportion is 16.9 percent for Hispanics, 36.1 percent for Anglos and 26 percent for blacks, the Labor Department said.

To encourage more Hispanics to find good jobs, the department recommends enrolling more of them in government-sponsored job training programs for low-income and at-risk youth; providing training opportunities in energy efficiency and renewable energy industries; and encouraging more Hispanics to pursue careers in engineering, technology and science.

High-risk industries
Since Hispanics work disproportionately in high-risk industries such as construction, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is beefing up its outreach to improve health and safety on the job. According to preliminary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hispanic workers had the highest rate of work-related fatalities in 2009.

The department’s wage and hour division is also putting more resources into taking action on companies that misclassify their employees as independent contractors to avoid paying Social Security and unemployment taxes, overtime and minimum wages.

“Misclassification more frequently occurs in industries that employ a large number of vulnerable workers, many of whom are of Hispanic or Latino origin,” according to the report.


Sharon asks…

In Texas Bill White from Houston is running for govenor against Rick Perry the incumbent. Who wins?

White is a very strong candidate. He made the City of Houston, the largest electricity user in the region, the nation’s #1 public purchaser of renewable energy. During his tenure at City Hall, Bill White cut the city’s energy use by six percent, despite double-digit growth in Houston‘s population and thousands of new jobs. White required annual performance reviews of city employees, established performance-based pay programs, and was willing to ask low performers to improve or leave. He established a program to permanently recycle hundreds of thousands of tons of yard waste, reducing landfill costs to taxpayers. Bill White understands that keeping young people in school requires both publicly funded programs and the involvement of civic, business, and religious leaders at all levels of government.

Perry is the longest serving governor and won’t debate or take questions from the media. He has friends running the Teachers Retirement Fund who make millions in investment fees and the School Book Board that recommends altering history to make the chuch more important. Then another friend got millions from the Emerging Technology Fund on appealing to Gov. Perry, after he was originally turned down. Do you think he has been in office so long he doesn’t think all this political corruption matters to the voters?
As an independent voter I found Bill White when I was fed up with Perry’s cronies on the School Book Board who said the Civil War had slaves fighting for the Union and omitted Jefferson as a writer of the constitution instead of bettering our students knowledge.

Houston voters returned White to office with re-election margins of 91% and 86%.
Bill White’s proven track record with law enforcement, earned him the support of sheriffs responsible for 98% of Texans living in counties along the border.

The JFK Profiles in Courage Award is presented to two elected public officials each year. White was chosen for welcoming 150,000 hurricane Katrina and Rita evacuees to the city despite complaints that the newcomers were a drain on local resources. He immediately helped establish emergency shelters and fostered creation of programs to help those who chose to stay in Houston find housing and jobs.

admin answers:

Texans had better hope Bill White does.

Perry is in it for Perry.

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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Fund

Laura asks…

How can I get funding to reconstuct an old house and start a community awareness prog for sustainability?

We want to educate our neighborhood about sustainable building options. The project is called the Lemon Road House Project and is based in Olympia, Washington. We will deconstruct a 60 year old house and construct a energy efficient, sustainable house to use as a focal point for the community education program. We need funding in the way of grants, donations, etc. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Im doing fund raising for the 40hour famine in one day i collected $50, but if u get a few people to go around collecting money from generous people and make people aware of this issue you could get quite a bot on money

Ruth asks…

Should Governments be rebuilding the economy – or developing a new, sustainable one?

Government funds now propping up “old” economic structures (commercial banks) and outdated infrastructure (cars/freeways) – and strategies like Emission Trading Schemes framed to protect polluters “to save jobs” – could be funding pollution-free energy systems etc to answer Climate Change, CREATING new jobs — and an economy aimed at need instead of merely “created wants”. But how widespread is awareness of options? And acceptance of Climate Change warnings?

admin answers:

Yes, however, politicians aren’t really qualified to do so. It is up to “we the people” to make change by changing ourselves. I am optimistically thinking that the anti-change camp (conservatives) are in decline. And that the younger generations are smarter. But those who fear change are still powerful and they are doing all they can to stop progress. Awareness is growing, but it is difficult to see or hear. To see why just visit the “Global warming” category here. The deniers seem to be a majority. And they are very emotional, downright religious, about the issue. Just keep in mind that their emotional state is evidence that they are losing, and they are losing because of their own self destructive emotions. YAY! The so called “evidence” they keep presenting is so wrong it’s hilarious. They are actually claiming that the Earth is cooling, and the ice caps are growing. Their own lies will be their own undoing.

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy

Steven asks…

How is renewable energy good for the economy?

Can renewable energy truly be good for the economy, and how so?

admin answers:

Renewable energy can be good once we have a storage system to store the sun’s, wind’s, etc’s energy and use it when we need it.

It is good for the economy because it is getting more and more expensive to dig up conventionals.

James asks…

What is the difference between a renewable energy source and a nonrenewable energy source? Give specific e?

What is the difference between a renewable energy source and a nonrenewable energy source? Give me some specific examples.

admin answers:

A renewable energy source is one that naturally replenishes itself as it is consumed. Solar energy, for example, will continue to make its way to us for as long as the sun continues to burn, whether we harness it or not. The same could be said about wind, hydro, biomass, etc. (though these are really just indirect forms of solar energy – without the sun, there would be no wind, the water cycle would not function, and plant life would not grow). The only other renewable energy input that the earth sees as a whole is geothermal – heat energy from its own core (though this will also eventually run out).

Another possible example of a renewable energy source could be landfill gas, though this is debatable. As long as humans continue to create a huge amount of organic waste, I guess, then we should be able to continue capturing methane from it.

A non-renewable source, on the other hand, will not be replenished once it is used. Fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal), for example, are considered non-renewable, because they took millions of years to form. Once a barrel of oil is brought up from the earth and burned, it will not be replenished for a long, long time.

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy Group

John asks…

How can we make renewable energy less competitive?

There is a serious energy crisis in Australia – even without the carbon tax renewables are now cheaper than building new coal or gas fired power stations.
How can we make renewables more expensive so that the climate change denier industry can maintain their myths?
“A new analysis from research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance has concluded that electricity from unsubsidised renewable energy is already cheaper than electricity from new-build coal and gas-fired power stations in Australia.
The modeling from the BNEF team in Sydney found that new wind farms could supply electricity at a cost of $80/MWh –compared with $143/MWh for new build coal, and $116/MWh for new build gas-fired generation.These figures include the cost of carbon emissions, but BNEF said even without a carbon price, wind energy remained 14 per cent cheaper than new coal and 18 per cent cheaper than new gas.”

Should we also ban the use of solar energy storage systems (such as the old technology used in to support the climate change denier myths that renewables cannot maintain base load supply?

admin answers:

What you’ve quoted was/is inevitable. I could crow “I’ve said this would happen for years” — and I have. But it’s not brilliant insight. Just following the trends.

What you quoted is the obituary for the fossil fuel industry. And (I will crow about and repeat this prediction) — it does not matter what the environmentalists — or the special interests, for that matter — do. The verdict will be spoken in the marketplace. When renewable energy has the competitive advantage (as it now does) the end result will be a drastic decline in fossil fuel use — and carbon emissions.

The same incentive that has blocked action on climate change — pure, raw greed — will now make cutting CO2 emissions an inevitable and unstoppable force.

Thomas asks…

Is it a good decision to invest money in companies that their business is to produce renewable energies?

Do you think that because of the high price of gas, will make stock prices grow of companies that are investing in renewable energies

admin answers:

Some yes, some no.
Due to the high price of corn, soybeans, used cooking oil, many companies making ethanol and biodiesel are in trouble.
Some companies that own wind farms (FPL Group which also has a regulated utility business) are doing very well.

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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Systems

William asks…

How do places with wind and solar energy sustain their power?

Some places rely on solar and wind energy right? To power their homes and such. How do they use energy in the night or when there is no wind? Do they have something that stores the energy like a big battery or something?

I have to “make” a green city and it will use renewable energy source including solar and wind energy. How would I make the wind and solar energy sustainable and not have shortages of power?

admin answers:

Small places, like a remote house or an island, might have batteries. A large place, like a city, would be connected to a “Grid”, or electrical energy transmission system. If the wind stopped blowing, deep in the night, they would pull energy off the grid, from a nuclear plant, or coal-burning generation station, or hydroelectric project many miles away. A town on an island might have a large diesel generator.

Robert asks…

What are the opportunities in bio energy systems in developing countries?

I want to know about what is a bio energy system, bio energy resources available in tropical developing countries and how those resources are used for producing energy. Please describe impacts of usage of such energy related to fields of economics, social, environment and sustainable use also.

admin answers:

Borneo has wiped huge rain forest to plant palm plants for palm biodiesel. The net effect is that the CO2 released from slash and burn will never be taken back into the biosphere, so its a net CO2 increase.

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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Technologies

Chris asks…

Is nuclear energy resource is a clean,cold and sustainable energy technology to fueling the future?

How would u challenge to innovate alternative energy technology to renewable energy resources at cheap price?

admin answers:

Nuclear energy is not “cold”, I am not sure what you meant by that. The whole principle of how muclear energy is used to generate electrcity relies on the fact that it gives off a lot of heat.

It is also not too clean either. The depleted nuclear waste posses a problem of where to dispose of it. It will stay radio active for hundreds of thousands of years, so whereever you put it it needs to be out of the way and secure. Right now, the government is planning to store the stock piles of nuclear waste deep underground under Yucca Mountain (in Nevada I think), but there is a lot of debate over this.

As for sustainable, perhaps not in the long run. There is only so much fissionable material on Earth, it will run out eventually just like fossil fuels. A more long term nuclear energy sourse would rely on fusion, not fission, but this has yet to be practical.

Donald asks…

Is our gasoline dependence a matter of national security?

I think we should demand energy independence from our politicians — including a defined commitment toward sustainable, renewable energy technologies. Do you think that this should be part of any candidate’s platform?

admin answers:

How about like Drilling at Anwr and other US points and Build more Refineries ( the real Bottle neck in this Oil rich world) The problem with renewable (soundbite name) is it is not well though out. Like the Corn Idea! A gallon of Corn ethonol gives you Worse Milage meaning More Pollution and less efficiancy. Hydrogen is a decade away at best and here is the Big Problem. Like in the 70’s ( according to Dad) solar and other sources were Moving along due to High gas prices and as soon as they started to make in roads Oil went down enough to make them too expensive. SO here we go again we come up with a trillion dollar Hyrdogen answer and OPEC reduces oil to 10 cents a gallon and everybody runs! We need to let the Market drive it or we will play this game forever LAWS ( and Politico’s) cannot do it.

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy For Kids

Ruth asks…

How do we transition from non-renewable resources to sustainable clean energy?

With the reduction in global oil and cost production, and the current shift in the US to natural gas, major energy sources are dynamic in time. In the coming future, how can we as a global society, shift our focus from non-renewable fossil fuels to renewable clean energy sources that meet all our growing energy challenges?

admin answers:

Start having fewer children.

The energy demand from 7 billion people is so high that it cannot be met by clean, renewable sources even if these sources became 25% better overnight. Right now we have a choice: have fewer kids and let them live good lives supported by clean renewable energy, or have another seven billion kids and watch them live miserably and fight over whatever declining non-renewable resources exist.

Steven asks…

What happened that gas stations no longer have attendants like they used to? For instance Texaco had at least?

two come out to check your car and one would check your oil when permitted to, or wash the windshield. Another would pump your gas,and sometimes a third one would check your tire pressure. If you had a kid with you they would get a lollipop. Is it a combination of corporate greed, over-regulation of government and excessive taxation? Also the fact that the gasoline is way out of proportion to it’s true value. I would love to see a break-through of cheap energy that no government had a chance to stop or regulate come to the people.I am sure that cheap renewable energy is abundant out there,that is being suppressed!

admin answers:

In oregon and new jersey they have attendants pumping gas because self serve is illegal but they dont do any of the other things

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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Definition

Sandy asks…

Why is burning coal not sustainable? Do natural gas and petroleum stack up any better?

Three reasons why coal is not sustainable? And do natural gas and petroleum stack up any better in terms of sustainability?

admin answers:

One reason coal burning is unsustainable from an environmental standpoint is that is finite, and using it will deplete it’s use for future generations. In fact, that is the definition of unsustainable. Another factor is that coal burning releases sulfur, and sulfur dioxide is a component of industrial smog, a noxious fume that kills many people and produces a slew of respiratory diseases. Not to say coal is useless, but its downsides may be particularly pronounced

Each source of energy has its own issues. Natural gas is essentially limitless but is probably hard to capture. Petroleum is also finite and involves drilling. The scales may tip towards natural gas for these reasons

Ruth asks…

What does it take to call a building “green”?

Can you market your building as “green” if it has just a few green features, or does it have to meet certain minimum guidelines? I am thinking about this in the way that the word “organic” is regulated on food labels.

Also – do you think it’s redundant to call something “green” and “sustainable” in the same sentence? I am putting together a sign for my company’s real estate development, and I’m wondering if it is pointless to call the project “a green, sustainable development” or if both words really mean the same thing.

admin answers:

I don’t think there is a green certification, however, there are some things to consider.

Energy star certification.

Green building/ construction methods (hay bale, cob, cordwood, papercreate, adobe, earth shelters… )

Minimizing the use of concrete (pier or rubble trench foundations )

Passive solar design

Solar hotwater

Separate grey water systems

Sustainable certified lumbar

The list goes on and on

The term green is probably the best way to go. You are opening a big can of worms if you use the term sustainable. Sustainable has a real definition. A friend of mine sells “sustainable” clothing, woven with thread from banana leaves. That is not sustainable in and of itself. Scientists have predicted that bananas (the type we eat) will soon face a blight that we can not protect them from, ending its presence in our super markets. Although the thread may be a commendable effort at maximizing a resource that otherwise may have been left unused, bananas in general are not a sustainable resource. Every material in the house would have to be made from a sustainable resource (like wood and hay) and would exculde non sustainable materials like (metal, plastics….). Then again, there is no MARKET definition for sustainable.

If you are interested in charging more money for a “green development” and using expensive things like bamboo flooring, or salvaged lumbar from the bottoms of lakes and rivers, or anything ridiculously expensive and unpractical, then forget everything I said. Just put whatever you want on the sign, spit in thier face, and ask them for $400,000

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy Jobs

William asks…

How in demand will renewable energy jobs be in the near future?

I’m really worried about the economy and looking for a quick certification so I can have some sort of qualification in case it totally goes under. I found a 14 credit hour renewable energy certification at a community college. Do you think this will do any good for finding jobs?

admin answers:

Very high demand for scientists and engineers and designers..

Jenny asks…

Effect of using renewable energy on the economy?

I’m doing a project for my economics class and I have to explain several different ways in which transitioning to renewable energy and relying less on fossil fuels will effect the economy. So far all I really have is that it will create more jobs. I have to be able to write a 5 page paper on this. Please help, this is due tomorrow!

admin answers:

Using less coal will mean fewer coal miners.

Using less petroleum will mean fewer guys working on those deep ocean well drilling rigs.

Using more Wind will mean more money for the farmers that have windmills on their land. And Studying the effects of killing birds from the blades.

Using more solar will mean lots more folks trained on how to install solar panels.

All this also means changes in College courses to prepare for degrees in these areas.

Less petroleum imported will mean a better balance of payments for Commerce.

Less petroleum means less reliance on Air transport and a shift to higher speed trains.

Airplanes are one of the least efficient users of petroleum. Soon Air travel will be only for the very important, rich or for a very infrequent trip.

People will live closer to work unless public transit is available.

If we go to food based crops for energy it will mean we starve people and start wars over food. (BAD idea)

conservation will be very IN due to the higher cost per watt from renewable sources.

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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy

Maria asks…

What aspect of renewable or sustainable energy would you be interested in looking into?

What aspect of renewable or sustainable energy would you, personally, be interested in looking into as a possible way to achieve a sustainable future?

Not asking anyone to answer this for me, but I don’t really understand the question. Is it asking like what type of energy source? Or what? Thank you!

admin answers:

There are several kinds of renewable or sustainable energy sources and these are different.

Renewable energy is what is there on our planet, that you can use and there will be more tomorrow, without you having to do anything. Those types of energy are solar and wind energy. You can capture these sources of energy fairly “easily”. (There are also geothermal, tidal and hydro electricity but those are not available everywhere – but they are all still renewable energy)

Sustainable energy comes from sources that you can keep going without reducing the availability (if you replace them). This would include wood, for instance. You can cut and burn wood for energy and replace it by planting more trees.

These are all different from non-renewable and non-sustainable sources, such as coal, oil and gas which are non renewable and non sustainable.

My personal interests would lie in (a) solar energy and (b) wood. In the northern part of the UK, the sun doesn’t always shine as much as we would like but wood grows well, so you get the use of both in case of need.

Helen asks…

What aspect of renewable or sustainable energy would you be interested in looking into as a possible?

What aspect of renewable or sustainable energy would you, personally, be interested in looking into as a possible way to achieve a sustainable future?

Not asking anyone to answer this for me, but I don’t really understand the question. Is it asking like what type of energy source? Or what? Thank you!

admin answers:

Solar power; Geothermal power; Windmills; Wave power and Tidal power are all necessary if we are to reduce our reliance on coal, gas and uranium to a sustainable level.

I personally am also interested in powering a laptop from a stationary bicycle with a fly wheel and generator.

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy Companies

Lizzie asks…

What solar energy companies have been drawn to Arizona because of the tax incentives released in 2010?

I would like to know what companies came to Arizona BECAUSE of the tax incentives and tax credit programs implemented just for renewable energy companies. If you answer, I’ll answer your questions as well.
Please be very specific. I need to know what exact companies have done so to include stories for the causal analysis essay.

admin answers:

They all have as you can buy online now as well.

Mary asks…

what are some profitable and growing solar power companys looking to invest?

I am looking to invest in one and have around 1000 dollars also what are some other renewable Energy companies like wind, ocean, Power ,stuff like that

admin answers:

General Electric (GE) is one of the biggest manufacturers of wind turbines.

For solar power Claymore Mac Global Solar Energy ETF (TAN) is good.

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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Companies

Charles asks…

Can more be done to prevent the growth of local sustainable environmentally sensible economic growth?

besides giving billions of dollars to oil and energy companies?

admin answers:

Goodness yes. Obama tried hard to use his stimulus to create jobs in sustainable energy. Republicans, of course, fought that all the way. Reagan stripped Carter’s solar panels off the WH and nothing has changed since. If you care about clean stainable energy, always vote Democratic.


Laura asks…

Would it not make sense to divert profits from oil companies, via tax, into sustainable energy resources?

Increasing oil prices may curb demand, but why does that have to translate into profits for oil companies?

admin answers:

It might. Maybe we should have done what Europe has been doing for years. Gas prices have been $4-$5 per gallon in Germany for many years … Not because of the price of oil, but because of higher taxes. In other words, Europe hasn’t diverted profits … They’ve taken it from tax payers.

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy World

Sandra asks…

Who is doing renewable energy education? How are you accomplishing the task? What are you focused on?

I am researching the current energy and renewable energy issues facing the world. The task is very extensive and complicated. Each region has renewable energy opportunities that can be important to environmental issues, economic development, and social needs for all humans. Government agencies, industry, agriculture, educational and research organizations are focused upon massive research efforts. This seems to provide a way to share information, thoughts and ways to help people to improve our lives by conserving energy, find alternative energy resources and realize that fossil fuels are depleting and non-renewable. Can renewable energy be a way to produce additional energy? Networking can provide valuable information to further the advancement of changing habits about energy. I am a farmer with a background in sustainable energy and educational degrees in agriculture. A sustainable energy for industrial and developing countries can improve the quality of life of all human beings.

admin answers:

Wow – i’ve already done my college work… Sorry – i don’t feel like doing yours.

Lisa asks…

Instead of funding the Gulf Coast war to secure oil, should the US have focused on renewable energies?

Instead of provoking war with Iran and Iraq, causing thousands of deaths, to ensure control over the Gulf Region’s oil reserves (understandably because it holds an estimated 65% of all the world’s natural oil supply), we could have instead focused our funds on research into renewable energies, As the world moves toward renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydrogen, Saudi Arabia and the gulf region will have less influence over the world’s energy supply.

“If we really decided that we wanted a clean hydrogen economy, we could have it by 2010”

-US National Renewable Energy Laboratory Researcher, April 2001
@****: Yes, renewable energy is not yet sufficient for widespread use at present, but with more research, it could become a main energy source.

admin answers:

Yeah, we control the Middle East’s oil….someone better tell the Iraqis and the Saudis ……..

When did we “provoke war with Iran”? I must have missed it……..

Go over to the Environmental… Section and read something about ‘the hydrogen economy’….how it takes more energy to break hydrogen loose from water than it produce,how it is a remarkably low density fuel, and how, being the smallest molecule, it is a bear to will leak right through normal steel tanks walls, as an example…..oh yeah, it explodes when it finds a spark or a heat source……the only people flogging hydrogen are those trying to sell “run your car on Water…The Secret Big Oil doesnt want you to know”….and they are, to a man/woman, scammers….

Some people’s world must be a sad place, filled with conspiracies and devoid of principles , courage, and honor……that they can not understand why we…and 45 other countries..went to liberate Kuwait in the first war, and then get rid of Iraq’s Hitler in the second

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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Solutions

Lizzie asks…

What Major should I pursue if I want to work with Green Technology?

I want to make new, more efficient, solar panels and develop green or sustainable energy sources in the future. In addition to that, I hope to make it more applicable for commercial use, such as designing a unit based for airplanes. I figure that might require an aeronautics engineering degree, but what degree would you guys recommend for studying green energy technology? Any colleges too? Not just community colleges. THANKS GUYYYYSSS

admin answers:

Hey Brandon, I have to agree with Jeff on the Aeronautics, I have a degree in that now, and I’ve found beyond understanding angle of attack on a wind turbine blade, it isn’t very useful for renewable energy studies.

If it were me, I would get a degree in thermodynamics. It sounds out there, but if you look to the future of alternative energy, that is the most common science involved. We have wood and other biomass fired boilers now that heat homes and domestic hot water, vacuum based solar collectors that use alcohol as a medium to heat water or operate hydronic floor heating units, and so on. All these things are using some kind of thermocycle system and a liquid medium. The future of large scale solar electricity is heading the same direction. The reason is simple efficiency. Solar electric panels today, while very neat, or horribly inefficient because they use only the incoming photons to drive free electrons from silicone wafers. It is very cool, but at 10 to 15 watts per square foot, most of the energy is wasted heating up the panel.

The Germans are working on a wildly new way to harness solar energy to make electricity. They are putting trough collectors in the Sahara Desert that heat oil to hundreds of degrees Celsius. This hot oil is recirculated into large insulated tanks. Then a water to oil heat exchanger is used to boil the water using the superheated oil. There are several advantages to this system, not the least of which is now we can convert over 60% of the incoming energy to electricity instead of 15%, a four fold increase. It took thermodynamics to come up with a radical solution like this. If this experiment works as well as they hope, in 10 years we should see plants like this in the US Southwest.

Geothermal heating is another example of where heating technology is going, and again, it’s the thermodynamacist that can figure this stuff out. Take a closer look at it when you have time. I wish I had a chance to go back and learn some interesting stuff like this, but I’m pretty locked into my career now. We do power our home with the wind and sun by the way, been doing it for 12 years now, it’s a good hobby and great resource, we could sure use some improvements down the road. Good luck Brandon, and take care, Rudydoo

Mark asks…

Why do people want to disprove global warming? What do they have to gain?

I am not going to debate if global warming is happening or not, but shouldnt we be looking to save our environment and rainforest anyway?

Havnt we been in an evironmental crisis since the beginning of the industrial age.?

Ultimatley shouldnt we be looking to move toward more sustainable solutions that dont harm the environment anyway despite global warming….

Isn’t renewable energy our solution to dependency on foreign oil sources and fossil fuel?

How can anyone try to discredit the importance of sustainability, the environment and renewable energy in future societies?

admin answers:

All too true… I think people don’t want to have to “cop” to the results of our actions, change and “be hassled” by doing what might be better for our environment or really just be bothered with any of it.

It seems pretty obvious that we have been destroying our environment everywhere you turn. Regardless if we were causing global warming or not, we still need to stop the destruction of all of the natural habitats of so many other creatures existing on this planet, stop ravaging the lands and using up all of these limited resources that we have and find ways to live and use resources that are replenishable enough to consider nearly limitless.

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy Definition

Sandra asks…

Definitions of non-renewable and renewable energy sources?

I need good definitions for both

non-renewable energy source

and renewable energy source.

admin answers:

Non-renewable uses a source that consumes a natural resource in limited supply. (Oil, coal… We can’t make more so it depletes the existing supply.)

Renewable uses a source that can be taken or grown and therefore can be replenished (Sunlight, wood, corn… We can make or take more and it doesn’t deplete a limited supply.)


David asks…

What would happen if we didn’t use renewable energy?

What do scientists fear if people didn’t use renewable energy?

admin answers:

By definition, non renewable energy can’t be renewed. It is finite and it will run out. We don’t have an accurate measure of how much fossil fuels we have left or how long that supply will last us. Many scientists believe we have passed the 1/2 way mark and we will see shortages in less than 25 years maybe sooner if we don’t learn to conserve what we have.

Renewable energy isn’t just about saving the environment, although most of them are much cleaner and produce far less pollution than fossil fuels. Renewable energy is also about ensuring our quality of life and for many it’s about energy independence.

I have solar panels which produce most of my electricity, when the city raised our rates by 20% it made little difference on my bill, if I hadn’t installed my solar system it would have been an additional $50 per month.

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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy For All

Paul asks…

Is scalar energy killing the universe?

0 point fluctuation or cosmic energy exists everywhere, we also know that it’s part of our consciousnesses.
A device that takes advantage of the casimir effect to generate electricity can provide free and sustainable energy for Mr mankind without the need for capitalism. The energy however is not created out of nothing . The energy comes from the quantization of certain forces to create movement. Would “Absorbing” energy from the universe like this technically reduces the lifetime of the universe. I know that energy can never be destroyed only conserved but this is something else all together.

admin answers:

The amount of energy in empty space is enormous but there is some doubt if it could be affected by any retrieval means we could come up with. It’s estimated that empty space contains Zero Point energy that is equivalent to many trillions of Joules of energy per cubic centimeter

” Since space itself is thought to break up into a kind of quantum foam at a tiny distance scale called the Planck scale (10-33 cm), it is argued that the zero point fluctuations must cease at a corresponding Planck frequency (10-43 Hz). If that is the case, the zero-point energy density would be 110 orders of magnitude greater than the radiant energy at the center of the Sun. ”

“According to NASA, “the concept of accessing a significant amount of useful energy from the ZPE gained much credibility when a major article on this topic was recently [March 1st, 2004] published in Aviation Week & Space Technology, a leading aerospace industry magazine”.[11]

The calculation that underlies the Casimir experiment, a calculation based on the formula predicting infinite vacuum energy, shows the zero-point energy of a system consisting of a vacuum between two plates will decrease at a finite rate as the two plates are drawn together. The vacuum energies are predicted to be infinite, but the changes are predicted to be finite. Casimir combined the projected rate of change in zero-point energy with the principle of conservation of energy to predict a force on the plates. The predicted force, which is very small and was experimentally measured to be within 5% of its predicted value, is finite.[12] Even though the zero-point energy is theoretically infinite, there is as yet no practical evidence to suggest that infinite amounts of zero-point energy are available for use, that zero-point energy can be withdrawn for free, or that zero-point energy can be used in violation of conservation of energy.[13]”

Over-unity hydrosonic pump….

Mary asks…

Should we add nuclear power to the Waxman climate bill now being marked up by congress?

Nuclear means clean, sustainable energy but it comes with its own set of problems. However, if we are ever going to switch our transportation from oil to more electric (plug in electric or hydrogen for example) won’t we need a lot of electricity? As an aside, to make hydrogen, the process most readily available is to split H20 molecules via techniques which require electricity.

admin answers:

Waxman is an imbecile. When asked what was in his bill, he was clueless. When you have the government running industry, it will get politicized and shortages and cost will increase. Waxman is a political hack of the worst kind. We should add nuclear but people like Waxman, trial lawyers, Jane Fonda, and environmental wackos have ensured that won’t happen.

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy Content

James asks…

What is renewable energy content?

I live in Texas and am looking for a new energy provider. I was looking through the options and it can be filtered by “renewable energy content” ranging from 2% to 100%. What do I want here? I don’t know what it means.
So do I want one that is 100%? Or less? Or the least?

admin answers:

That’s the percentage of the energy you receive that comes from renewable sources and not fossil fuels.

For instance:
Company A provides energy to house B. Company A sends house B electricity that is 65% from coal-fired facilities, 25% from wind turbines, and 10% from solar panels. Company A has a renewable energy content of 35%.

Nancy asks…

Compare traditional methods of making electricity versus renewable energy sources. Is one method better & why?

I believe that renewable energy sources is a better method, but it is more expensive. If you could also provide statistics/facts I would appreciate it!

admin answers:

Wind power is actually very cheap, but the only problem is it can’t provide baseload power. It only provides power when the wind is blowing. However, it can provide power at 7-10 cents per kWh, competetive with coal.

Geothermal is also looking extremely promising, and can also potentially provide affordable power. It can provide power 24/7 as well (baseload power).

Concentrated solar thermal is another great option, and can store energy to be used as baseload. It can be potentially as cheap as coal.

There are others like solar photovoltaic, tidal, etc.

There’s no question that renewable energy is preferable to traditional (mainly coal) energy, because it’s clean and the fuel source will never run out.

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