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Your Questions About Sustainable Energy Fund

Ken asks…

Should the president issue a challenge to the American people to become non-carbon fuel users within 20 years?

I am actually thinking geothermal fuel.

admin answers:

Every president for the past 40+ years has said that we will become independent of imported fuel within 10 years….. Sadly, that has not happened yet.

The problems are many, but, in my opinion, primarily one of politics. The people in congress are more concerned with fund raising and being reelected than with <> addressing energy issues. One administration may start up some very forward looking programs and policies, then when the presidency changes parties, or the congress does, the other side defunds or cancels those programs and mocks the attempts to help develop sustainable energy policies.

Then it reverses the next time. There has never been a consistent, rational, long term approach from the government towards the issues of energy.

Pretty sad, if you ask me, and has been an absolutely terrible waste of energy.

Mark asks…

Can global warming and climate change stimulate the economy?

One of the craziest ideas conservatives pitch is how War and Tragedy spark economies. When hurricane Sandy ripped through NYC, it took away assets but created jobs with additional billions in funding. But conservatives didn’t want the money to be spent on IMPROVING things. Se essentially we are rebuilding the same wasteful energy systems in homes and businesses that caused the escalated hurricane in the fist place.

admin answers:

Conservatives aren’t wrong about war and tragedies stimulating economies as the need to supply the effects of those occurrences. However the recent natural disasters too did cause economic stimulation however government supply as much capital as some desired. When reconstruction from this disaster began insurance companies paid out for damages to their customers. This capital was not being used in the economy before and now it is, therefore more capital in those regional economies means economic stimulation in those areas. As to why the same energy systems were put in place is because joule for joule there is no more effective and efficient system in existence. Alternative energies are currently not anymore economically more sensible than conventional energies. When individuals decide to rebuild they choose the most economically sensible choice to maximize their reimbursement from insurance. I’m sure there are some individuals that decided that using more green technology as it may be economic feasible.
As to why it may be ideal for the government not to be directly involved in introducing green tech in to the effected areas may be that rushing in and not Analyze the economic structure of an area may not make economical sense. An example of something like this occurring is an ethanol plant near my house. Several years ago the government rushed in and subsidized for a plant to be build, However economic reasons the plant was shut down within a year. (Is now used as a water draw point for frac water). Point being in a situation as such it may not be economically sustainable for government to offer when it comes to certain systems.
As our climate changes (not necessarily due to human related causes) humans will do as they have been for centuries when the climate and environment change: Adapt and overcome. In these adaptions, economic stimulation can occur as it becomes more economical to change.

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Your Questions About Renewable Energy Definition

John asks…

how can you make a wind powered generator with solar panels as back up?

I am in the process of building a wind powered generator and I want to put on some solar panels on it as a back up source of energy. So pleas HELP!!!!!!

admin answers:

Hi, This is a good question and I have your answer, This is a very simple thing to do you can buy all your materials in any store as simple as using a 6″ PVC Tube to make the blades for your wind generator. E-bay has a lot of DC Generators that are good to use as a wind generator. I bought a guide named earth4energy and they show how to make a wind generator in 3 simple steps. You can find this guide at : and also a lot of information about renewable energy.

Steps to make a wind generator :


This wind turbine transforms wind power into electricity, with the use of an A DC Motor that generates the power to spin the blades,
Options include:
 Electric lawn mower motors that have been recycled.
 All motors made by Ametek.
 Alternators with a permanent magnet (car alternators).

In order to find a DC motor you can check eBay, or look for inexpensive power tools. Drills, screwdrivers and other tools are a great way to find inexpensive DC motors although they do not generate much energy they are great for smaller projects. A great DC motor/generator is the Ametek 30VDC as pictured below. I purchased this DC motor for about $50 from ebay.



building PVC blades from an old pipe please watch our instruction video from the members page.
 Acquire a 6-inch wide, 24-inch long PVC pipe.
 Quarter the piece of pipe around its circumference, cutting it lengthwise into four pieces (diagram on the next page).

This is only a preview of the step-step guide that they include in their package for more information please visit :

I can share with you more information because is a copyright information

James asks…

How will raising taxes on electricty help in the rising fuel costs as Obama is campaigning for?

Serious answers only please!
Again, serious answers only please. If it’s out of context I appologize but I am looking for an answer that explains what I heard. Any sources would be appriciated.

admin answers:

The theory is that all the tax revenue would then be put towards developing new renewable sources of electricity.

The flaw in this agruement is that the government does a horrible job at investing money where it will make any real impact. In addition to that it has been proven that raising taxes is a sure fire way to collect less revenue.

Energy development should be left in the private sector. Time and time again the free market system has done the job of filling the need of the consumers. Not the government.

Oboma is using logic that is flawed from the start. While he may have good intentions as do most politicians when they first start out they often find themselves in way over thier heads once the buracracy takes hold.

History in this country is more or less forgotten at the expense of the greater population. It is like saying that you have 20 years of experience doing something, but making the same mistakes for all 20 years. You end up with 1 year experience 20 times in a row. We need to put more time into learning from the past instead of simply repeating it.

Doing the same thing over and over again expecting diffrent results each time is the definition of insanity.

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